Gentle to Deep Massage


A responsive combination of gentleness and deep muscle work. Your massage therapist will draw on multiple disciplines to create a strong, intuitive massage unique to you, depending on your needs each visit. Includes Swedish massage, deep Swedish, non-injury sports massage, prenatal or pregnancy massage, shiatsu and may include Reiki, stretching and other styles that you and your favorite practitioner choose.  Our massage therapists come from a variety of backgrounds; what they have in common is responsiveness, the desire to help facilitate your health care and the strength to provide a good, customized massage experience.

Deep Tissue Bodywork

and Medical Massage


If you are experiencing pain or a limited range of motion, advanced bodywork can help.  Focused intensity in problem areas to correct pain-causing conditions.  Myofascial and trigger point massage, ART and other medical techniques including very deep tissue and very gentle work with chronic or acute pain, injury treatment and prevention, endurance and performance for athletes, functional movement and balance work, pre and post surgical conditions, headaches, sprains, strains, spasms and reduction of inflammation. 

Strength & Balance Training

Our patient, supportive Fitness Coaches will work with you where you choose, at your own pace.  Our Personal Trainers motivate without pushing, entertain and educate without judgement while you gain confidence, strength and cardiovascular health with the privacy and convenience you seek. 

Drive up the intensity or use our support system to regain or maintain the strength and flexibility of a younger body.  We'll come to your workplace or home community facility, or you can come to our studios or outdoors.

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