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Why Massage Stretch & Strengthen?

Balance Center Massage Stretch & Strengthen

How often do we have to cut training short because of a twinge in a tendon, pain or cramping in muscles or joints? Sometimes listening to our bodies can be frustrating, like we should push through, but overuse injuries, tears and strains can occur if we keep using a muscle that's "stuck" in contraction.

Muscles shorten over time. Remember when you could touch the floor with flat palms, straight legs? You could, either recently or as a child... if we don't keep stretching, regularly, and if we don't release the muscle contraction so we can stretch, it gets harder with time.

We once had a massage client who was still a ballet dancer at 73 years old. I asked her, can you still do all the things you did 50 years ago? She said, "yes, but it takes a lot longer." She stretched two hours each day just to stay limber. Adding massage to that regimen makes a huge difference.

Sports massage uses deep tissue and trigger points to release long-term contraction in your muscles so they can be stretched. Stretching them restores them to their full functional length, making them effectively stronger. Then when you work out, work or play, you able to do more, go faster and farther, building increased strength and endurance.

BalanCenter encourages a balanced blend of massage, facilitated stretching and personal training to increase your strength and stamina and decrease your chance of injuries. For more information call Meredith 650-333-1433 and she'll put you in contact with one of our massage therapists or personal trainers who provide facilitated or assisted stretching.

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