Many ways to save...

Therapeutic massage and strength or balance training are important to your health. We have researched ways to make our services more affordable through reduced rates for members, insurance reimbursement, HSA and FSA untaxed spending accounts, employer benefits, workers comp and auto insurance. We'll keep adding more as we find them.


Save $132 to $2,236 each year

Promise yourself one massage or or two personal trainings a month (or both to keep you on track) and get 10% off ALL matching services all year. For example: One discounted massage each month remains in your account until you use it. Doesn't expire. Use it whenever you want. Skip a month or come 3 times a week.10% off adds up.

One Massage/month

Use it or save it... it never expires and come as often as you. like.  Your monthly massage and any additional massages will all be discounted with your membership.  Come monthly and save $132/year or weekly to save $572.

Deep Tissue Bodywork or Medical

1 discounted Bodywork session per month stays in your account until you use it. Weekly visits will all be discounted with your membership.  Come monthly and save $156/year or weekly to save $676.

Strength & Balance Training

Just 2/month are purchased and waiting for you to use them.  Many of our clients see personal trainers 2-3x/week, for great savings and health benefits.  Use 2/month and save $240/year, 3x/week saves $1,560.

Personal Training & Sports Massage

Two Strength training sessions and 1 Bodywork / Deep Tissue each month to save $396 per year.


3 weekly Personal Trainings and a weekly Sports Massage to save you $2,236!

Other ways to save

Save $132 to $2,236 each year

Employer benefits, pretaxed deductible savings accounts, insurance reimbursement, workers comp and accident insurance coverage are all great ways to save.
Our Health Insurance Broker can help.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Benefits may expire at the end of the year so Call! With a medical professional's recommendation for massage, an exercise program, even weight loss, for a medical condition, our services should qualify for pre-tax spending so save as much as your tax rate.

Health Savings Accounts

HSAs and other pre-tax savings accounts may be used to pay for medical massage, exercise programs and even weight loss programs with a medical professional's recommendation. We don't need to see your note, but keep it for your records.

Employer benefit packages

Many of our clients' employers are giving an annual allowance for massage and other services. We'll create a custom  package if you still have a remaining balance to use. We can also come to your work; ask your employer!

Insurance Benefits

Many Health Insurance companies, as well as Workman's comp claims and Auto Insurance claims are all used by our clients with our receipts and billing codes, for reimbursement of our services. Call us and check your policy to see if you'd like us to help you get our services reimbursed. 

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