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Advanced Bodywork and



Couples massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, deep tissue and more!



Do Sandy Dutro has decades in this area and offers gentle, effective adjustments and soft tissue work.



Private or small group fitness-training in your home or office.

Weight loss or simple self-care.



Supported by a personal trainer or massage therapist; Go deeper for lasting flexibility.

BalanCenter is not a gym and doesn’t offer spa massage; we specialize in effective massage therapy, medical massage and bodywork. Our massage therapists work with the personal trainers to bring you the muscle balance, functional training and flexibility to keep you pain-free and moving through your full range of motion.

We specialize in deep tissue massage, sports massage, and medical and also offer hot stone massage or couples massage. 

Intuitive integrated massage styles for a more relaxing but therapeutic massage.

Advanced Bodywork to treat and prevent injuries and pain-causing conditions and improve performance.


Call if you want personal training or in-home massage in Los Altos, Menlo Park, Atherton, Woodside, up through Belmont, Foster City, San Mateo, Burlingame and the Peninsula. Our sports massage teams travel to marathons, triathlons, 10k and cycling events and we provide chair massage to fundraisers.

Balance Center Stretch & Strengthen for those who appreciate superior quality, training and experience.



Advanced trained, strong, intuitive, knowledgeable & friendly. 

From Our Clients

  • I've had many back issues since A car accident in 1999 that I have to deal with flaring up occasionally. My upper back shoulder have been messed up for weeks and I just had to see someone. The therapist really knew her stuff. Had all the advanced techniques but more impressively found the trigger points of my problem immediately and was able to make the most out of the time that we had. Now my shoulder back feel great and she also gave me some great advice for avoiding the issue and home treatment. I don't feel stressed about my pain now that it's gone and plan to have a great night. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • So far no two workouts have been the same -- and working out on the bluffs overlooking the ocean - amazing! I would recommend her highly for all ages (I'm no spring chicken!) I look forward to each session not knowing what we are going to do (TRX or a series of exercises to build strength and stamina or...I'll find out soon enough! Try it - no regrets!
  • HMB Balancenter is amazing, if you're in pain go see these therapists. Yes, it'll be uncomfortable for a minute, but afterwards you'll feel so much better.  I've had spinal fusion so I'm really careful about who touches me, and these folks really know their craft. Thanks Balancenter!
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Our Offices:
Palo Alto and Peninsula
Half Moon Bay and Coastside
Menlo Park and Peninsula - 932 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park
Peninsula and Coastside Areas
Davis near Sacramento
BluHarbor - 1 BluHarbor Way, Redwood City. In the Clubhouse

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